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Kia Clutch Repairs In St Helens

if your Kia is in need of a new clutch give a member of our team a call today on 01744 808586

At The FastFit Centre, we understand how frustrating it is to have any sort of issue with your Kia let alone a major one such as a slipping clutch. Our team of expert Kia technicians have been performing vehicle repairs and clutch replacements for many years in the St Helens area. We offer a complete replacement clutch service. as a supplier of replacement, Kia clutches we also offer clutch fitting and clutch component checks 6 days a week. As your local Kia specialist in St Helens, we strive to give you the very best parts at the very best prices with the quickest possible service.

Kia Clutch Replacement In St Helens

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No matter what type of Jeep you own we are ready to fit your new clutch

We offer replacement clutches for all makes of Kia including

  • Sportage
  • Rio
  • Sorentio
  • Cee'd
  • Optima
  • Soul
  • Carens
  • Venga
  • Niro

If you are looking for a Kia vehicle specialist who offers professional clutch repairs look no further!

Kia Clutch Repairs In St Helens. Local Jeep Clutch Repairs Are Just A Phone Call Away!

Why We Don't Fit Remanufactured Clutches to your Kia:

  • Some garages will fit re-manufactured clutches into your Kia which are of poor quality and wear quickly resulting in your clutch failing again. These are not the quality you would want to see in your vehicle. these are prone to failure as the quality of the clutch itself and other needed components to make your clutch engage and disengage successfully such as the pressure plate and thrust bearing are of a low quality also. this means failure is imminent. Changing a clutch is a very labour orientated job which involves a substantial amount of man-hours. On this type of repair it can take up to a full day of labour depending on the type of vehicle, The FastFit Centres advice is that you should only fit an O.E specification clutch or clutch kit to your vehicle. It may at first seem more expensive but remember " You get what you pay for". The life expectancy of re-manufactured clutches is dramatically less than that of O.E specification Clutches meaning all the man-hours that were put in fitting the lesser quality clutch would need to be repeated and therefore a much more expensive repair in the long run and also more downtime with clutch failure. This is why The Service Centre only fit genuine O.E specification clutches and clutch parts.

We can collect your Kia with our in-house recovery truck making it a much less stress-free experience if your clutch has failed, just another reason why you should choose The FastFit Centre for your Kia clutch replacement and clutch repair needs in St Helens.

Is your Kia clutch in working order?

  • If you have an issue with your Kia vehicle and you are unsure if it is the clutch or other clutch related components please don't hesitate to call us on Call us: 01744808586

What are the main symptoms of a clutch failing:

Difficulty to engage a gear:

  • You will find it hard to get your Kia into gear. This can be down to a number of things within the bell housing that has gone wrong and failed.

A constant crunching noise when engaging the gear:

  • Very much like having difficulty engaging gear the issue is most commonly down to the clutch pressure plate but could also be release bearing of concentric slave cylinder if your vehicle has one fitted.

Inability to engage the gear at all:

This could be down to a number of items and major damage could have been caused by the flywheel, Dual mass flywheel, or surrounding clutch plates

A constant juddering when pulling away from a stationary position:

  • This most commonly is the pressure plate, this can be caused by a warped pressure plate or clutch plate that is falling apart

The engine revs increases when the throttle pedal is depressed, but speed does not increase as normal

  • This is what is commonly called 'A slipping clutch' imagine a tyre that is bald..that is the same as a clutch acting in this manner. the friction plate on the clutch will have worn down to the point it cannot grip under load anymore

A pronounced constant burning smell when under throttle:

  • This would be your friction plate. What we most commonly find when we get this issue in is another component such as a slave cylinder or thrust bearing has failed and is not releasing the clutch fully. this then causes damage to the friction plate and can overheat the pressure plate and warp it.

What gets changed?

Depending on the repair you need to your Kia clutch we change components such as:

  • The pressure plate
  • Centre Plate
  • Concentric slave
  • Release bearing
  • Dual Mass Flywheel
  • Flywheel
  • Clutch cables
  • Hydraulic pipes

We Are Your Local Kia Clutch Specialist In St Helens

if you need a replacement clutch repair to your Kia give our team a call or email we are on hand and ready to help. Call us: 01744808586

Tips to prolong the life of your Kia clutch:

Whilst driving your vehicle don't rest your foot on the clutch pedal.

  • This will wear your clutch and cause friction

Never leave the car in gear with your foot on the clutch while stationary.

  • This can cause wear on slave cylinders and thrust bearings

Limit the times that you hold the car on a hill by slipping the clutch.

  • This causes strain and wear on your friction plate

Our Guarantee to you our customer

We fit O.E specification clutches that are completely guaranteed. Our guarantee is 2 yrs or 25000 miles whichever the sooner. We guarantee to offer you the most cost-effective repair service available. If your gearbox is also in need of repair we can also take care of that for you at our St Helens Kia Clutch Repair Garage.

How to find your local Kia repair garage in St Helens

  • If you are heading from the town centre simply follow Eccleston street to the traffic lights and turn Left at the Nags head Building and we are located just on the right across the road from Farmfoods on Boundary Road.

  • If you are coming from Prescot way its best to go straight down Prescot road until you get to the Eccleston Arms Bar & Grill follow-on to the traffic lights and turn left. carry on down past Morrisons and you will find us just on the Left we are well advertised so don't worry you won't miss us.

  • Or of course, you could put us into your Satnav.

230 Boundary Road

St Helens


WA10 2PZ

Kia Clutches In St Helens

If you are looking for Kia Clutch repairs in St Helens, you're in the best place

Whilst we replace the clutch in your Kia why not visit one of the following attractions. Carr Mill Dam is a great family friendly area offering stunning views and fantastic walks. Why not visit the World Of Glass in St Helens or the town centre is full of great shops and places to grab a bite to eat such as balti Spice, Shere Khan or of course Nandos. After your meal why not grab a movie in Cineworld or perhaps a visit to Duke Street to visit one of the local bars in St Helens Maybe a walk around Taylor Park. Our Kia technicians can fully repair your clutch in St Helens whilst you visit any of the above attraction.

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