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At The FastFit Centre, Not only do we repair your vehicle we also have a shop at our premises in Boundary Road. being able to see clearly whilst driving important for your own safety, it's also a legal requirement. This is where our range of car cleaning products comes in. Call into our shop which is located at 230 Boundary Road, St Helens or call us direct on 01744 808586. We offer a wide range of products that can help get you through winter with ease.

Our range of De-icer and car ice clearing products will help you not only see more clearly but also get your moving quicker on cold mornings. Even the right screenwash will help you achieve that crystal-clear view in cold weather, and is available both in ready mixed or concentrated forms from our shop on Boundary Road. Screenwash concentrate needs to have water added to it before it's added to your car if you don't feel confident doing this our team can help you and do this for you. If you are asking where you can buy De-Icer in St Helens you are in the best possible place.

When the weather turns chilly, it's a good idea to invest in a decent de-icer. Some de-icer sprays even offer glass cleaner and rain repellent for extra clarity. We only sell approved products.

To help make this job easier, we offer free car checks in our store where we'll check your screenwash, engine oil, battery, bulbs and wiper blades and advise on top-ups and replacements where needed.

We Help keep our customers cars ticking over through the winter months with our selection of car care products. From screenwash to de-icer we've everything your customers will need to beat the freeze this winter.

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About De-Icer

Car de-icer helps to remove the effects of cold weather so you can get on your way. Our range of car de-icer includes products that are applied in granule and spray forms, working in temperatures as low as -15. That is about as low as the mercury usually gets in the UK. Some people prefer to scrape their windscreens on a cold morning, use boiling water or turn on heated windscreens to do it for them, but scraping takes time, boiling water can crack glass, and not all cars have heated windscreens. De-icer is an easy remedy to freezing temperatures, so take a look through the range below and find a product that you can pop in your boot and forget about until the temperature drops. Order through us or buy in store and you can enjoy hassle-free and frost-free mornings.

For all your winter car care needs in St Helens call in store today or call us direct on 01744 808586

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