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For all your American vehicle repairs in Ashtons Green, we are ready to help.

The FastFit Centre deal with American vehicle repairs on a daily basis. We deal with everyday American vehicles as well as classic American cars. Our specialists in Ashtons Green are ready to help you keep your American vehicle on the road. We deal with repairs, servicing, maintenance and can even MOT your American vehicle. Based in the local area. With convenient links to local train stations, motorways and bus routes, our well-equipped American car workshop can service and repair any American vehicle you may drive. The FastFit Centre specialises in American engine tuning and restoration of the classic American cars, including classic Mustang, Chevrolet, GM and Dodge.

We can deal with major restorations as well as minor repairs

We have the latest specialist tools and equipment in-house specifically designed for American cars. Combined with a deep passion and enthusiasm for American motors this enables us to complete all our work to the highest level.

Our American car technician is a renowned local specialist who knows American vehicles inside out. With a large portfolio of completed work with many happy customers, we are sure to be able to help you with your American vehicle repair. We offer fast effective solutions to any American vehicle repair.

If you are looking for local American vehicle repairs in Ashtons Green, we are ready to help

We service and repair American cars & vans

Our team has spent time in the US, training with major American car manufacturers such as Ford, Chrysler and GM. We use the knowledge we gain from this to efficiently and reliably work on your American car in the UK. This level of knowledge is unique in our field and sets us apart from most others.

Here are just some of the American vehicles we maintain, service & repair in Ashtons Green

  • GMC
  • Ford
  • Dodge
  • Chevrolet
  • Musang
  • Chrysler
  • Cadillac
  • Hummer
  • Pontiac
  • RAM
  • Jeep

We Offer Performance & Tuning

  • The FastFit Centre can unlock the potential of your American car, making it even more enjoyable to own.

We all want the best performance out of our vehicles. Whether it’s power, efficiency or drivability you want, your car can always be improved.

When adding parts to your vehicle they must be compatible with your car. If the person modifying your American car doesn’t know the vehicle and its parts inside out, the result could be substandard.

We have a passion for and specialise in American cars, and as a result, can advise the best methods to get optimal performance out of your vehicle. We will select the best parts to suit your car, make sure they are all compatible together and set them up and configure them correctly. This will unlock the full potential of your American car, making it even more enjoyable to own.

American vehicle repairs Ashtons Green - 01744 808586

Modifying American cars to suit British roads.

The FastFit Centre can make any modifications needed to ensure your American car is safe and legal on British roads. Uk law is different to the USA laws and therefore there are different requirements for road uses in the UK.

American vehicles are required to have certain modifications when imported to ensure they are roadworthy under UK law. They undergo an annual test similar to an MOT that checks components such as lights, tyres, number plates and speedometers. The FastFit Centre can adapt your American vehicle to Uk road use

These tests are often very thorough and if your American car is not ready it could end up being very costly. We can check your American vehicle and make all the necessary modifications and changes needed to make it legal on British roads, ensuring it is ready to past the test.

American Vehicle Air Conditioning Service.

Air-conditioning-diagramMany American vehicles, especially older ones, have unreliable air conditioning systems. So it is a good idea to have it regularly serviced to make sure the system is working properly.

It is recommended that vehicles have their air conditioning systems serviced every two years to ensure they work as efficiently as possible. The efficiency of an air conditioning system is dependent on its ability to dissipate heat, but the components responsible for this are prone to corrosion and damage.

Due to the harmful gasses used in a vehicle air conditioning system, technicians that work on these must be ‘F-gas certified’. At The FastFit Centres, all of our technicians are Aircon accredited and therefore fully qualified to work on air conditioning systems. We will test your system to ensure it is working as well as it could and repair or replace anything that is needed.

American Car & Van Diagnostics Ashtons Green

We offer a range of diagnostics services in the Ashtons Green area. We hold main dealer level diagnostics equipment to ensure we get to the bottom of your vehicles issues quickly and efficiently. No matter if your American vehicle needs an engine diagnostic or an auto electrical diagnostics, our team are ready to help.

Wheel Alignment & Tyres For American Cars

American vehicles often have a very different wheelbase to most European vehicles and as a result, need specialist equipment to alter. Our American vehicle service centre has fitted specialist workshop equipment that allows us to accurately measure and adjust the steering and wheel alignment of almost all American cars.

Tyre fitting for American cars in Ashtons Green.

Tyres do wear out over time, especially if your tyres aren’t suited for the roads you’re driving on. The road conditions in the UK are vastly different from those in America and as a result, your American vehicle may have unsuitable tyres fitted. We can advise you on what tyres are best suited for your vehicle, to ensure safety and longevity.

We hold a large number of tyres in our workshop.

Gearbox and Servicing

Gearboxes need to be properly maintained to make sure they are working as smoothly and efficiently as possible. We can maintain, service and replace both automatic and manual gearboxes from American vehicles.

If your American car or van has an automatic gearbox it is recommended that you get a gearbox service at least once every 15 months. Manual gearboxes can last longer without a service, however, if you start noticing gearbox faults you should get it checked immediately.

When should I get my gearbox checked?

You should get your gearbox checked if you notice any of the following:

  • The gear stick is hard to move when changing gear
  • The gearbox sounds noisy when changing gear
  • The gearbox is leaking lubricant
  • The gearbox is noisy when the car is in neutral


American vehicles are very different to most vehicles on the European roads and although all cars are affected by towing a trailer, American cars are affected more so.

Towing something significantly affects the handling and braking ability of a vehicle making it unsafe, hard to drive and in some cases illegal. Atlantic Autos can advise you on changes that need to be made to your vehicle to make it safe and legal to tow, and then carry out the necessary modifications at a competitive price.


We will often advise that a fifth wheel hitch is used instead of a conventional tow bar and that an electronic brake system is fitted to the trailer. The fifth wheel hitch will improve the handling of your vehicle by securely locking the trailer into place to stop it from swaying. The electronic brake system will apply brakes to the trailer at the same time as you brake in your vehicle, reducing the stress on your brakes. This also greatly decreases the chance of brake failure or jack-knifing.

How to find us?

If you are heading from the town centre simply follow Ecclestion street to the traffic lights and turn Left at the Nags head Building and we are located just on the right across the road from Farmfoods.

  • If you are coming from Ashton's Green its best to go straight down Parr stocks Road onto Parr Street. At the roundabout proceed onto the Linkway towards B&Q turn down Linkway West (A58). Turn left at the Aldi onto Westfield Street to the traffic lights and turn right onto Eccleston street next set of traffic lights turn left onto Boundary Road and we are located just on the right next to Linacre Plant Hire. We are well advertised so don't worry you won't miss us.

Or of course, you could put us into your Satnav.

For all your American vehicle service & repair needs in Ashtons Green, Look no further than The FastFit Centre

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Whilst our American vehicle mechanics repair your vehicle in Ashtons Green why not visit one of the following attractions, Carr Mill Dam is a great family friendly area offering stunning views and fantastic walks, Why not visit the World Of Glass in St Helens, the town centre is full of great shops such as Nandos and Cineworld Perhaps a visit to Duke Street in St Helens with its great restaurants and bar scene maybe a walk around Tailor Park or Shirdley Park, or why not grab a bite to eat in one of the many bars and restaurants located in other areas of St Helens. Our American vehicle mechanics can fix and fully repair any type of American vehicle in Ashtons Green. so why not visit the attractions listed and leave your car in the capable hands of our American car and van mechanics.

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