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Here at The Happy Camper Store brought to you by Fastlane Autocare - The FastFit Centre we care about you and your motorhome. We know there is no better feeling heading to a campsite on a hot sunny day with your Aircon on! important it is to maintain your camper or motorhomes air conditioning system all year round?. The answer...Very!

We have been providing garage services for over 15 years, and have trained aircon technicians for vehicle aircon services including AC recharge. We offer aircon regas as well as air conditioning servicing, parts fitting, fault diagnosis, and repairs to motorhomes AC systems, all at affordable prices. If you run your Aircon pump dry it can lead to major issues including seising the pump which potentially could break the auxiliary belt. your auxiliary belt is important as it controls the power steering pump, alternator and other components such as water pumps on some vehicles.

Today, nearly all modern motorhomes come with air-con as standard, and the benefits of having air conditioning in your camper van on a hot day are great, but just like other parts of your vehicle the air-conditioning system also needs regular attention to ensure it continues to work efficiently, effectively and when you need it. Over time air-con can become less powered, warm and worst of all... smelly.

Most manufacturers recommend your air-con system is recharged with gas and lubricant every year. This service is not part of a routine vehicle servicing, so if your vehicle is more than 2 years old or you haven't had your AC re-gassed in 2 years, then it’s probably due an air-con recharge.

What We Do

  • Drain & vacuum your air con system
  • Recharge coolant gas and inject new oil
  • Complete the process in less than 60 minutes
  • Check all air con components
  • Offer a leak test

What should you look out for if I think my aircon is failing?

• Temperature dropping • An unusual smell coming from your system • A loss of cooling efficiency • Your engine working harder – using up more fuel • Musty smell coming from your car’s air conditioning

Of course, if you are unsure you can always call the team directly on 01744 808586 our team are always available to help you and keep your motorhome, or campers Aircon working at its best.

commonly, the blowing of cold air is the first sign your car is due an air conditioning re-gas. A musty smell after long periods the air conditioning sitting idle can mean the need for an anti-bacterial clean. Our qualified technicians check the air conditioning lubricant and refrigerant levels in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations to put it back to a fresh and clean state, as it was when it was new.

We also offer competitive repair rates and will match or beat any written quote. We stock a large range of parts and can have others delivered within an hour, so these repairs can be made the same day. Don’t delay if you hear, see or smell any of the symptoms above, this could lead to more unwanted damage. Call us today and check out our booking availability on 01744 808586.

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