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Caravan & Motorhome Solar Panel Fitting Service Merseyside

The FastFit Centre offer a specialist solar panel installation service for motorhomes and caravans. We offer a fast fitting service for solar panels, We regularly see customers coming from all over the Merseyside area to have their solar panels installed. As we offer a quality fitting service and supply and fit solar panels on a regular basis we are regularly trusted to install quality solar panels on a range of vehicles including caravans, boats and motorhomes.

Our Off-The-Grid Technology is top of the range. We use only the best solar panels available for your budget. All our solar panel installations come fully guaranteed with great after sales care advise just a phone call away. As we are a locally based company who offer services to people all over the Merseyside area. We can supply and install all types of solar panels and wind turbines within the marine and leisure sector, including motorhomes, campervans, boats and any type of leisure vehicle or boats. We also supply and install all types of interior and exterior LED lighting, marine and leisure charging systems including split relays, and a large range of batteries for every conceivable application. With well over 10 years experience in the marine and leisure industry, we have a great supplier network and take enormous pride and care with every project we undertake.

Motorhome Solar Panel Installation in Merseyside

Caravan & Motorhome Solar Panel Fitting In Meresyside

If you would like information on any of the services we can offer to your caravan or motorhome in Merseyside, give our team a call today on 01744 808586

Fitting a solar panel is a great way to enhance your motorhome, boating or caravan experience. Solar panels are a reliable source of free energy and will reduce your dependence on mains connections or shore-supplies. When a solar panel is installed it enables your battery to receive a constant charge ensuring you have lighting and power 24 hours a day. Solar panels are only as good as your batteries that are taking the charge. It is essential to have a decent battery if not two or more to keep a good amount of power stored.

Here are just some of the types of vehicles we installed solar panels on every day

  • Caravans
  • Motorhomes
  • Campervans
  • Classic Caravans
  • Classic Campers
  • Trailer Tents
  • Camping Pods
  • Vans
  • Boats
  • Catering Trailers

We also offer solar panel installations for

  • Sheds
  • Solar panels for narrowboats
  • Solar panels on adjustable mountings

How soon can my solar panels be installed

The FastFit Centre can usually install your solar panels within 4 days of your booking. Depending on the size of solar panel you are looking for it may take slightly longer if it is a special order panel or if you are looking to double up panels.

How long will you need my caravan or motorhome for?

We usually have a system installed within the day depending on the size and the current install if there is one.

What size solar panel do I need?

Solar panels come in many shapes and sizes. To simply trickle charge battery we suggest you use a minimum of 30 watts.

Depending on what sort of items you are looking at powering a lot of factors depend. The best way we can determine what sort of install you require is give our team a call. We can work out the amperage you require and advise you further.

Most people will want much more power so we recommend a panel of at least 50 watts on a yacht or caravan, and at least 100 watts on a motorhome or narrowboat. This will provide a good everyday charge and will keep your battery in good order. During the summer months in the UK, these panels will provide a lot of extra power and reduce the need for a mains connection.

Total independence on a medium size motorhome requires a solar panel of about 150 watts. This can be a single panel or consist of a 50 watt plus a 100-watt panel.

For a larger motorhome or a narrowboat consider installing 200 watts. It is easier to fit two 100 watt panels than a single 200-watt panel. We can offer a full range of services and solar panel installations in Merseyside.

Can I extend my existing system?

If you already have a solar panel and you want to improve your power independence, it is usually possible to add another solar panel to your existing system. The additional solar panel is added alongside your existing panel and connected in parallel. It is sometimes essential to upgrade cables and some of the system.

Solar panel systems. The benefits:

  • Fully automatic. No settings to worry about.
  • customised to suit the requirements of motorhome, boat and caravan owners.
  • Charge your leisure batteries, engine batteries or both from the same solar panel if required.
  • Full battery protection and maximum charge to ensure batteries maintain a good lifespan.
  • Very reliable and efficient
  • Attractive. Bright, informative LCD displays keep you informed. Compact, easy to use
  • We only use solar panels built from the most reliable and efficient monocrystalline technology available.
  • We never compromise on material and manufacturing quality.

If you are looking to have a solar panel installed in Merseyside our team are ready to help you - Call the team today on 01744 808586

Caravan & Motorhome Solar Panel Installation Merseyside

Merseyside areas we regularly see people coming from includes Liverpool, Huyton, Prescot, St Helens, Knowsley, Whiston, Wirral, Dovecot, Wigan, Warrington, Newton, Ashton, Burtonwood, Thelwall, Irlam infact no matter where you are in the Merseyside area if you are looking for a quality solar panel installation service we are waiting to help you.

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