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Mike "The Nice Guys" Trike

It only come in for a rewire!

This lovely looking trike came to us feeling a bit sorry for itself. Starting out as a rewire, fuse box replacement with some added extras such as push-button start a new ignition and handlebar rewire there was more to be done. As we stripped the top of the bike off we realised a lot more was involved with this trike and some urgent work was needed to save it.

We realised it needed a massive amount of fabrication as you can see in the photographs it was in a bad way. after we stripped off all the rust and previous "welding".... we quickly started to repair the trike.

The engine had to come out to allow us access to the areas most affected by corrosion as did the rear framework. After we fixed the back end we rust proofed and treated the whole thing. We repainted the whole of the frame giving a matt black finish to all the frame in keeping with the look of the bike.

As you can see from the finished photographs the trike now looks amazing. It also now has functioning lights, Keyfob start, an electrical system that works and a frame that is going to last for years to come! Now a lovely looking trike that is mechanically sound the current owner Mike can enjoy this trike for years to come.

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