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Dunlop Tyres Supplied And Fitted St Helens

Why Choose Dunlop Tyres?

Dunlop is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high and ultra high-performance tyres with an impressive track record of motorsport successes.

Always looking to make driving a pleasure, Dunlop offers all types of motorists the performance and durability of the latest tyre technologies, including tyre’s with RunOnFlat technology, which is fitted to award-winning vehicles such as the Mini, BMW 1 Series, 3 Series, 5/6 Series, X5/X6 and other type of vehicles including Jaguar and Mercedes.

For over 125 years Dunlop has revolutionised the transport industry across the world. The FastFit Centre is proud to carry a range of Dunlop tyres at our tyre centre ready to be fitted to your vehicle straight away. We stock Dunlop Car, 4x4 and SUV.

For further information on Dunlop Tyres call a member of our team today on 01744 808586 or visit us at The FastFit Centre where our tyre fitting experts can help select and fit the right product for your vehicle.

The FastFit Centres Most Popular Dunlop Tyres

  • Sport Maxx RT - Designed with high-performance cars. The Dunlop Sports Maxx RT utilises the latest in motorsport innovations. Its adaptive compound allows for the tyre to mould to the surface of the road for exceptional grip and stability at high speeds. Combined with shorter braking blocks the Dunlop Sport Maxx RT offers phenomenal stopping power, everything the driving enthusiast could need from their high-performance tyre.

  • Dunlop Sport BluResponse - Suitable for all types of cars. This tyre offers fantastic grip without compromise. The specialist polymer compound gives better grip and handling on wet and dry roads. Designed for high-performance driving, the asymmetric tread design ensures stability, even wear, precision and reduced rolling resistance. With lower noise pollution and a fuel-saving aerodynamic shape, this tyre responds quickly and precisely for a smooth, comfortable, quiet drive.

  • Dunlop SP Sport 01 - Developed for mid-class and luxury vehicles. The SP Sport 01 tyre provides superb performance at high speeds and excellent handling on all surfaces. Enhanced levels of grip on the road and highly responsive braking power in wet and dry conditions ensure a smooth driving experience. Stability and precision come as standard with this class of tyre. Expect high aquaplaning resistance, precise cornering control, prolonged tyre life and a quiet, pleasant ride.

Whatever type of Dunlop tyre you are looking to have fitted to your vehicle our team is ready to help you

Whilst our tyre technicians fit your new Dunlop tyres in St Helens why not visit one of the following attractions. Carr Mill Dam is a great family friendly area offering stunning views and fantastic walks. Why not visit the World Of Glass in St Helens or the town centre which is full of great shops and restaurants such as Nandos and Cineworld. Perhaps a visit to Duke Street in St Helens with its great bar scene and Indian restaurants such as Millon Tandoori & Palace Balti & Tandoori Resturant. Maybe a walk around Taylor Park where you will find the boathouse and the lake