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We offer the very best in quality carbon cleaning. if your engine is suffering from poor running, has failed its emissions on an MOT or you just like to keep your vehicle maintained a carbon engine clean could be just what you need!

We offer carbon engine cleaning on any type of any car, van or commercial vehicle.

Free health check and diagnostics included worth £54.95

If your car, van or commercial vehicle has failed its MOT emissions we can help. Over time your engine can build up carbon around the valves as well as other major components that are all needed to make your engine run to the best of its ability. Here are just some of the common issues we deal with on a daily basis that a carbon clean could help with.

  • Failed MOT on emissions
  • MPG dropped
  • Lack of power

As petrol and diesel fuels burn in a combustion engine they don't burn completely. This leaves behind a carbon residue which builds up over time and results in the following:

  • Loss of performance
  • Sluggishness and flat spots
  • Louder rumbly engine and lumpy idle
  • Smoking exhaust
  • Increased emissions
  • Reduced MPG

All in all, this can result in massive repair bills. Bills such as turbos blocked DPF & EGR valve issues, swirl flaps sticking, throttle body sticking are just some of the issues we encounter that could be prevented.

To restore your vehicle's performance, reclaim your lost MPG, quieten that engine rumble and help stop those repair bills then book in for an Engine Carbon Clean today.

Prices start at £99.95 for a vehicle up to 1.6 we also offer a multi-vehicle discount. This also includes a full diagnostics on your car to ensure it is at its best,

We can also offer you Stage-One engine cleaning service which is a fuel treatment, engine oil treatment and DPF clean from just £179.95

We offer a Carbon clean service for diesel engines.

Diesel engines will more often than not cover more miles than petrol engines, If you look after your engine it could not only help retain the vehicle's value but also restore lost performance and mpg while reducing its harmful emissions. Book a carbon and feel the difference.

Diesel clean fuel based service.

Here's how it works.

Diesel engines will suffer from a build-up of Tars & Varnishes inside the fuel system resulting in poor injector performance the also build up carbon deposits in combustion chambers, exhaust ports, turbos and catalytic converters as a result of lower combustion temperatures.

For carbon to burn, a combustion temperature in excess of 550 deg C has to be achieved. Most modern Diesel engines are fitted with Exhaust Gas Recirculation systems (EGR), which reduces the combustion temperature to around 250 deg C.

This reduced temperature lowers the amount of emitted Nitrogen Oxides (NOX) from the vehicles exhaust into the atmosphere. Although good for air quality, it is not so good for the inside of your engine.

Our Carbon Cleaning diesel device process starts by isolating the vehicles fuel system.

The Carbon Clean machine is connected to the engines fuel lines and the engine is run on the highly refined fuel contained in the machine. This fuel is rich in additives, it cleans both pre and post combustion, a quality unique to Our Carbon Cleaning system. This process removes Tars & Varnishes from the injectors, improving injector response times, reducing knock and restoring fuel spray patterns, resulting in improved atomization, vaporisation and a cleaner burn with lower Hydrocarbons.

Once the fuel has burnt, additives that have turned into gasses, oxygenate the combustion chambers, turbo, cat and DPF, allowing carbon deposits within to burn at a lower temperature and they exit the exhaust as carbon dioxide and water.

The end result is improved engine efficiency, leading to improvements in Performance, Throttle Response, MPG and Emissions.

We offer the complete cleaning service along with a vehicle health check and diagnostics from £254.95

To book your Vehicle in for Engine Carbon Cleaning or to take advantage of the other engine cleaning services we offer Call a member of the team today:

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