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Here are the best winter car accessories

Winer Accessories Available At Our St Helens Shop

At The FastFit Centre, We stock a large range of winter car care essentials that can get you through winter with ease. There are an infinite amount of accessories available for your car. We regularly get asked what is best to keep in my car over the winter period? We asked our workshop mechanics which accessories they picked out themselves, and what they recommend to other car owners. The following just might serve as inspiration for what could go be a cool winter gift for your car or even a present for someone with a car. We have all items in stock:

Top 10 Accessories

1: Ice scraper

Number one on our mechanics list. When you scrape the ice off your car, you should be careful to remove all ice in the area which can be reached by the windscreen wipers. Otherwise, the rubber on the wipers will wear out too quickly.

2: De-icer spray

You can buy de-icer from our shop located on Boundary Road, St Helens. De-icer is a spray which makes it easier to scrape the ice off, and it can save you a massive amount of time in a morning defrosting your windscreen.

3: Silicone stick for the car’s rubber strips

Anyone who experienced not being able to get the door open because it was frozen to the rubber strip, We sell a silicone stick which stops this from happening. Our silicone stick, smeared on the car's rubber strip, can save you from a frozen situation.

4: Windscreen cover

If ice and snow are frequent visitors where you live, a cover (or blanket) on the windscreen can save you from having to get the ice scraper out. While not strictly necessary, it is nevertheless a neat accessory if you do not have a garage or underground parking.

5: Shovel

If you need to drive in snow, it does not take much for the car to get stuck. Every year, thousands of people call for help. Often, just 3-4 shovels will give a wheel solid ground.

6: Winter Tyres

Not really an accessory, since many people choose to switch to winter tyres. But since experience tells us that 20-30 percent of drives with summer tyres in winter get stuck we thought it was definitely worth mentioning. it is also worth mentioning tyres as a vital investment in road safety.

7: Bulbs with extra light

Most of the factory-fitted bulbs on vehicles are halogen bulbs. They are cheap to produce and last a long time but do not provide as much light as i.e. Xenon or LED.

You can get bulbs that give more than twice the amount of light such as HID bulbs. This provides a significant increase in traffic safety. The best bulbs also shine their light 30 percent further than standard bulbs, which makes it possible to see obstacles even earlier.

8: Luggage box for tow bar

You can easily double the space in your boot with a storage box which is fitted directly onto the tow bar. This can give you 400 litres of extra space, although certain restrictions apply to the weight. Suddenly, you get extra space for all the extra clothes for the skiing trip. The advantage of mounting the luggage box on the tow bar is that, unlike a roof box, it does not adversely impact the vehicle's aerodynamics. Thus, you can achieve almost the same mileage.

9: A New battery

Our Mechanics know that the battery is at fault in the majority of the cars which are towed into the garage. Like you, mechanics cannot be bothered to be greeted by a cold and dead battery in the morning. Therefore, we recommend switching to a new battery before the cold winter comes.

10: Lock lubricant spray & De-icer

If you own a car which can only be opened with a key, you can end up in a frozen situation. Unfortunately, it happens every day that car owners find themselves unable to open their car because the lock is frozen. This situation can damage locks and keys so we would recommend the purchase of Lock De-Icer. make sure to lubricate it regularly using a small lock lubricant spray.

All winter accessories are available with us with The FastFit Centre.

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