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Oil On The Shelf At The FastFit Centre.

For all your engine oil needs in St Helens we are ready to help

To keep your car's engine in mint condition, it's essential to keep the moving parts of your car engine well-lubricated. With this in mind, choosing the right car oil to use can become a bit of a daunting proposition.

At The FastFit Centre Merseyside, we stock an extensive range of motor oils and fluids, from 0W30 to 10W40, antifreeze to aircon recharge and every other essential your engine needs. At our shop, we offer a wide range of engine oils and lubricants and are happy to offer expert advice instore to all our customers so that you're able to confidently purchase the right oil and leave our store with peace of mind! 'What oil does my car need?' our experts can answer that for you.

We're also happy to offer to top your oil up for you in our shop based at 230 Boundary Road, St Helens WA10 2PZ. Our services help keep you clean and, again, ensure you receive the expert service and peace of mind!

You can Purchase online, Over the phone or instore.

Where can i buy engine oil in St Helens

Not sure what oil to use in your car? Let a professional handle it! visit us in our shop in St Helens and our experts can help you select and advise you which oil your vehicle needs.

Buying Car Oil In St Helens

Our workshop mechanics are on hand on our site in St Helens to answer any questions about oil you may have, We offer advice and can top your oil up for you at our shop. We can also offer full oil and filter changes in our onsite workshop. if you would like more information call in store at 230 Boundary Road, St Helens WA10 2PZ

Changing the oil in a car is an essential part of keeping a vehicle healthy and safe. Engine oil is the lubricant that keeps the numerous moving parts moving without friction. Just as important is keeping your oil levels correct.

You will know when you need to change the oil in your car or when your vehicle's oil needs topping up. When your oil needs topping up your vehicle will display an indicator on your dash. As soon as this happens come and see us and we will get your vehicle sorted for you quickly and efficiently.

Changing oil is recommended every 3000-5000km, however, if you have a special synthetic oil, you may be able to go 10, 000 miles before changing.

However, if you drive your car fast, live in a hot, cold or dusty environment, you may need to change the oil in your car more often. If you have an older car you may need to have the oil changed more frequently too.

Having the oil changed on your car is as simple as calling us on 01744 808586

If you have a complete oil change for fresh oil It is essential that your filter is also changed as your engine's performance depends greatly on the distribution of oil throughout the system.

The filter allows dirt and debris to be carried out of the car engine which is vital to keep it running, however, much like a hoover, the filter can become clogged up and the performance of the whole system is affected as a result.

Our mechanics when changing your oil will also clean the filter as this is part of having your oil changed.

There are also several types of oil and oil filter which are manufactured to work in certain engines. our team of experts will know exactly what your car requires when you bring it into us.

Synthetic motor oil

Known as the highest grade of oil as it is created by oil engineers, scientists and chemists who control the ingredients in a highly measured and calculated way. This oil will have the highest levels of lubrication and engine protection which will keep your engine running smoothly and guard against heat build-up. This oil is not essential to every engine.

Synthetic blend motor oils

This type of oil is a mixture of conventional oils and the synthetic type described above. This type of oil is recommended for cars, vans, lorries and heavy loaded vehicles as is contains excellent low-temperature properties.

High-mileage motor oil

If you have an older car this is the oil for you. Some high mileage, high-performance cars are better served by synthetic oil. However, this blend of oil has a unique mixture of additives and viscosity, this oil will have reduced burn off, will help seal oil leaks and will also help improve the combustion chamber sealing which in turn improves engine compression.

Conventional motor oil

Conventional oil comes in many grades, based on viscosity (thickness and fluidity), with each grade being blended to suit a particular car, environment and driving style.

If you are unsure what oil your car, van or commercial needs call our team.

You should be able to find what oil you need by looking in your car owner’s manual, this is important because if you put the wrong oil in your car you could damage your engine! If in doubt it's best to bring your vehicle into us to check which oil your vehicle takes.

We stock a large amount of oil on the shelf as well as offering oil and filter changes as well as oil top ups on any il purchased from our shop. We offer a wide range of services and full services for any type of vehicle. you can also book in online for all your oil services in St Helens as well as buying your top up oil from our shop.

A full range of oils and oil treatments and additives for all types of vehicles are available with us at your local oil, parts and accessories suppliers in St Helens

Oils Are On the Shelf And Available With Us

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