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Uncle Herbie The Transit AutoQuest

Ford Transit Auto Quest

Uncle Herbie

The Ford Transit Auto Quest

Uncle Herbie came to us as a write off full of rotten wood and damage. It was heading for the scrap yard when we saved it. With its hand-painted bodywork and bodged up interior with plug-in roof lighting, we decided it still had enough character to go again. We started by absolutely gutting the motorhome removing all rotten beams and most interior surfaces including the front of the roof as it was just to far gone. the exterior hand-finished gloss paintwork also had to go.. so we set to that with scrapers going back to bare metal. When we stripped the interior out we found the roller used to paint this motorhome needless to say that got thrown in the bin!

After removing all the old paintwork and finding metal we could work with we started to fill out and get the motorhome straight again starting by rebuilding the worsed section where the interior wood had completely rotted away and caused the exterior side to bellow out due to it having no support.

Getting ourselfs upto the stage of rebuilding the front section of the roof we found yet more damage to interior wood so we set about building a new framework for Uncle Herbie

Uncle Herbert