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Sammy The 1971 Vw Type 2

We always said we liked a challenge....

VW Type 2

We named this Type 2 Sammy after Sammy Davis Jr... we started to renovate this Type 2 which came to us as next to nothing, less than a rolling shell if you like. The floor was missing in areas and where there was a floor it was generally rotten. to boot, it had also been set on fire at the rear...

After 4 days of picking away at it and unpicking panels to see what was saveable and what wasn't we ended up with a frame of a Type 2.... We did say we liked a challenge.

After we totally removed the inside we were left with an empty shell. Absolutely everything needed to be replicated as nothing was salvageable. This VW restoration was in need of a bit more TLC than originally anticipated. With some of the floor and chassis replaced we started to find ourselves with a solid base to work from. The bodywork was beginning to also come together at this point with the bodywork been cut out and panels replaced however these were aftermarket and in the end was used as a template as the arch shape was completely different and we did want to keep this Vw as original as possible.

The engine was totally removed we found this to be beyond repair as it was seized solid. unfortunately, these original Aircooled engines were never reliable at the best of times. So we decided to completely build a custom engine with custom mounts for this. We did want this Type 2 to be as original as possible but also safe and reliable.

When we removed the engine of this Type 2 from the engine bay we found that the bay was excessively corroded. We started to rebuild the whole engine bay from replacement original specification panel work to keep this looking as it would (If not better) than when it did when it came out the factory in 1971.