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Dodge B200 American Van Restoration Completed In The North West

This Dodge van came to us as a restoration project. Our customer wanted a totally unique Mad Max themed camper. We said why not! and this was how it went.....

When we first looked at it we thought "It's not too bad".... till we shot blasted it. We found the vehicle to need a full side rebuild as well as every single panel in some way needing a welding lance pointing at it! a lot of the bodywork had split but its saving grace was the chassis was solid. We started this camper conversion on the 7/12/17

The inside of the vehicle needed a total restoration this was a case of stripping the whole of the inside out and starting again. the electrical system and 12-volt system through the van was in a sorry state and needed to be completely overhauled

After we cut away a large amount of the bodywork we got to solid metal. the roof joins had completely rotted to the point you could lift the roof off. We welded in new panels that we had to totally customise and fabricate from scratch. We then started to build the layers of body filler up to get its original shape. After removing the fuel tank which was rotten and unusable we fully repaired the whole area where the fuel tank used to be housed. Over the years it had been exposed to a large amount of water.

We then went onto the suspension and structural aspect of the vehicle repairing any needed parts of the chassis and suspension mounting components.

While this was going on our team was stripping the engine and gearbox ready to rebuild them. On strip down of the engine, we found the followers was worn as well as the cams and rockers. These were all replaced along with the piston rings and all gaskets

After extensive restoration to the roof area the camper was made watertight. We made new gutters for the dodge compltetly from scratch as they was in such a bad way the only option was to cut these out and remove them.

After we got the body to it’s final prep stage and ready for paint all the hard work became clear and it started to gain its character again

The FastFit Centre Mad Max Rebuild & Restoration

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