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Car Plan Essentials Kit


CarPlan Essentials Car Valeting Kit

At The FastFit Centre, We have a variety of Gift Packs in stock. The CarPlan Essentials Kit is one of the most popular ones. This gift pack contains everything you need to clean and shine your car. This kit includes all the CarPlan essentials to wash, clean and shine your vehicle bodywork, before applying the finishing touches by leaving your wheels shining clean.

Included in this pack:

CarPlan Screen Clean 750ml - A quick action glass cleaner designed to remove dirt, grease, tobacco deposits and finger marks inside or outside leaving a streak-free finish.

  • CarPlan Tyre Slik 500ml - The ultimate 'wet look' tyres - just spray on for great looking tyres.

  • CarPlan Ultra Shampoo 500ml - Advanced formula leaves a streak-free showroom shine.

  • CarPlan Ultra Deep Gloss Car Wax 500ml - Efficient way to shine car paintwork and protect the surface from rain and sunlight.

  • CarPlan Wheel Slik 750ml - An outstanding wheel cleaner that leaves wheels sparkling clean.

  • CarPlan Dash Wipe Matt 20pk - Produce a brilliant long-lasting matt finish which helps prevent fading and cracking.


  • Contains 6 Brilliant CarPlan products
  • The perfect gift for any car enthusiast
  • All your car cleaning essentials in 1 pack


Please see each individual components directions of use for a step by step process.


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