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2-Stroke Mineral Motorcycle Oil 1L


Carlube 2-Stroke Mineral Motorcycle Oil 1L

Carlube 2-Stroke Motor Oil contains top quality mineral oil and carefully selected additives which ensure the thermal stability, anti-wear properties, engine cleanliness and protection against corrosion of bearings and cylinders of a modern 2-Stroke engine. The product is suitable for both “in-tank” petrol mix systems and metered lubrication systems.


  • API
  • TC
  • JASO
  • FB


  • Excellent dispersion in fuel
  • Clean burning low ash additives
  • Low deposits on plugs, exhaust ports, piston rings and crowns
  • Contains rust and corrosion inhibitors


Carlube 2-Stroke Motorbike Motor Oil is suitable for use in all modern 2-Stroke engines of motorcycles, moped and scooters where the performance level shown below is specified. (Not recommended for high-powered motorcycles).

NOTE: When using 2-Stroke oils always refer to manufacturers handbook for correct quality level and fuel to oil mix ratio.


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