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Visit us in store today for all your vehicle accessories and car care needs. Look after your car and keep it protected with our car safety and security range which includes a range of alarms, wheel clamps and steering wheel locks. Choose from different gadgets that raise the alarm to avoid theft or damage. Why not Install a dash cam so if anything does happen to you on or off the road we also offer fitting on all dash cams the great thing about dash cams should anything happen to you or your vehicle is you have evidence on your side. Keep your vehicle in top condition whatever the weather with our car covers and other car accessories including cleaning products and car care essentials.

At The FastFit Centre we’ve worked hard to source the best car care products from around the world, if you want to wash your car, clay your car or polish your car, we can help. And we know that sometimes so much choice can make decisions difficult, so why not call our team today or come in store to find what could be the best product for you.

With the use of quality car care products and the right car care techniques, it's possible to make even the dullest paint shine again. We offer the best selection of car care products and car cleaning materials from all over the world. We guarantee that using the car care products we supply and following our guides and advice on the car detailing forum will enable you to better look after your car.

Car Cleaning Products & Car Care

We believe that our car cleaning products can make a huge difference to the look of your vehicle. There is nothing more satisfying than spending hours on cleaning your car and then reviewing the end result! We can provide you with the car care products and advice you require to use them to their full potential. If you are based in Merseyside why not come in store and see our range. We can advise which car cleaning materials are better to use on what car and what car cleaning supplies to buy to match your car care products!

Your Ride Is Our Pride

We are still just as enthusiastic about cars and we still feel just as passionate about it as when we started, there is a lot of satisfaction from starting with a dull, swirly paint and ending up with a finish to be proud of.

Car Cleaning Products Merseyside

We stock a full range of car care essentials and cleaning products.

Why not consider car mats to keep the floor clear of dirt. Choose from smaller sets with rubber non-slip backings to larger, more heavy-duty designs. When you're on the road, it's always a good idea to be prepared. Also, consider a spare car battery to keep with you just in case. Other car tools are also handy to have tucked away in the boot.

If you're looking for best car wax, car polish or car shampoo, you've come to the right place. The FastFit Centre stock a large range of car care products and accessories including a full range of air fresheners, bumper care, and tyre care products. We even stock T-Cut products, CarPlan And Tetrosyl car care essentials. Our Merseyside car care shop has a full range of products with everything you could possibly need to keep your vehicle looking at its best!

At The FastFit Centre, we proudly refer to ourselves as car care geeks, offering a huge range of products from the World's leading manufacturers and only offer products that we genuinely use on our own cars and vans.

We also stock a full range of car batteries at our Merseyside branch as well as essential car care products such as car parts and car accessories. Our range of batteries includes Lion, Pro Power, Exide, Bosch as well as a range of caravan leisure batteries.

Let Us Help You

Finding the right accessories for your car could be confusing. Let our qualified staff help you find what you are looking for quickly and without hassle. Get your service with a friendly, personal touch. Give us a call or visit us in our Merseyside store.

Find All That You Need

Enjoy our extensive range of services and accessories in the Merseyside District. Whatever you want, you will find with us. From parts and batteries for a wide range of vehicles to car cleaning products and vehicle accessories, we have it all at your convenience.

Quick And Easy Service

You won't have to waste your time looking for what you want - we will help you find it quickly and easily. If not in stock, we will use our extended network to make it available for you within a few hours. Call our team today.

A Supplier You Can Trust

We have been providing you with quality accessories for a number of years now. As we are in the local Merseyside area we are always just a phone call away or you can always pop into our Boundary Road store.

Merseyside Car Care

Add a touch of class to your car

How you personalise your car reflects who you are. Enjoy a wide range of motor accessories on offer. You are certain to find what you need with such an extensive selection. We offer only the highest quality accessories for your vehicle.

Whatever car accessories you are looking for you will find them at the FastFit Centre. We offer a wide range including:

• Lighting • Interior accessories • Alarm systems • Mirrors • And much more...

All your motor accessories needs

Call us or visit us in store and ask one of our experts to help you pick your car accessories. Qualified and experienced, our experts will help you through your options that are suitable for your car make and model and will advise on the best way to fit your accessories. If you don't want to fit them we can fit them for you!