Pre Purchase Inspections For Motorhomes

Are You Buying A Used Motorhome, Caravan Or Camper? We offer a pre-purchase inspection all over the North West areas.

Buying a caravan, camper or motorhome is always an exciting purchase. For complete peace of mind, why not let our expert engineer carry out a thorough inspection before you buy. Not only does this offer you peace of mind but also gives your 100% confidence that you're buying your dream and not your nightmare. We cover the whole of the North West so no matter what type of motorhome, camper or caravan your thinking of buying we can help make sure its exactly what you want!

The Happy Camper Store brought to you by Fastlane Autocare - The FastFit Centre has expert motorhome mechanics who are used to dealing with motorhomes, campers and caravans on a daily basis. Our experts can ensure your leisure vehicle is everything you want it to be. It's best to make sure your caravan, camper or motorhome is roadworthy, safe to drive as well as safe and habitable. And of course, worth the asking price!

Buy with confidence with the pre-purchase inspection service from us! Our team are on hand and ready to help make sure your purchase goes as smoothly as possible. We cover the whole of the North West areas.

We offer three inspection packages

  • We come out and inspect your caravan, camper or motorhome
  • Issue a report
  • Provide you with feedback
  • Issue a full report
  • Issue a full habitation check Choose from 3 levels of inspectors

  • Bronze inspection (Habitation)

  • Silver inspection (Habitation & Body)
  • Gold inspection (Mechanical, Habitation & Body)

A fully comprehensive service for ultimate peace of mind before you buy includes:

  • Gas safety certificate
  • Full electrical test on all 240v and 12v sockets and appliances
  • A full damp inspection report
  • Wheels and tyres
  • General condition statement
  • An estimate for any repairs required
  • Insurance quotes

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What a motorhome pre-purchase inspection is and why you should always have one

The reason to have a pre-purchase inspection when buying a used motorhome is to uncover any hidden problems. The benefit of doing this, in the worst case scenario, is being able to step back from the purchase of a motorhome, camper or caravan that has a serious hidden problem. Or in the case of smaller, more manageable problems, at least being able to renegotiate the price.

The type of problems that can be uncovered by a pre-purchase inspection is, of course, many and varied. But the common, and potentially most serious problem you need to be aware of, is of course damp. Because of the sandwich construction method of motorhome walls, damp can build up over time inside without being visible. When it does become visible, you are already at the stage of requiring an expensive repair. Only a pre-purchase inspection will give you that information. You should have a pre-purchase inspection carried out wherever you are buying your motorhome even from a dealer!

Can you really afford to spend thousands of pounds without calling us first? Even one simple fault can cost a lot more than our fee and there are a lot of things that can be faulty or dangerous.

Your new motorhome, camper or caravan purchase should be a dream - Not a Nightmare!

So contact us for your leisure vehicle inspection needs. Unlike the AA, RAC and Greenflag pre-purchase inspections, we check everything! Not just the base vehicle. When spending thousands on your dream Motorhome, can you really ignore our comprehensive inspection service? Call our expert team today on 01744808586

For all your pre-purchase inspection needs all over the North West & North Wales areas we are ready to help you

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