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Many people have never encountered the term “Motorhome Habitation Service” before, but it can also be known as a Habitation Test or a Motorhome Habitation Check which is due every 12 months. We fully test and give you a record of your inspection which is on recorded paperwork.

What is a Habitation Service?

In simple terms, it's an equivalent to an MOT for the parts of your caravan or camper that you live in, including all water, plumbing and electricity. Obviously, undetected electrical problems could cause real safety concerns, and even a small water leak can cause thousands of pounds worth of damage., but it is on the 'Home' element of your vehicle. These inspections are vital to hold the value of your motorhome but also for your own peace of mind. An annual habitation check is, therefore, absolutely vital to the safe enjoyment of your motorhome, camper or caravan.

Motorhome and Caravan Habitation Checks

You really do need to have a habitation check done on your caravan or camper every year. Not only does your safety depend on it, so does your motor home’s performance and resale value!

If your motorhome is still under warranty, you’ll also need to have the annual check done promptly to keep your warranty. If you’re already out of warranty, habitation checks become even more important, as a clear record helps maintain a high resale value.

Please note: a habitation check or a habitation service does not include any inspection or servicing of the base vehicle, nor will it address any legal roadworthiness requirements. It is NOT an MOT, and will not substitute for an MOT.

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Motorhome, Camper and Caravan Gas Checks

Today’s caravans and campers are typically fitted with a full suite of home-quality gas appliances. Of course, when using gas (LPG or otherwise) in a small, enclosed space like a caravan or camper, safety is of paramount importance. Our habitation checks include gas checks.

All of your gas appliances should have been tested when they were installed, and each should have been checked for safety the last time it was serviced, but how long ago was that? In order to minimise the risk to you and your family when actually using your caravan, you should have it gas checked at least once a year, even if your insurance doesn’t require it.

What Is a Gas Safety Check?

The Happy Camper Store At The FastFit Centre can check the state and operation of your gas appliances, and make sure they are working safely and efficiently. A full gas check usually includes:

  • A full ventilation and air inlet check
  • Checking for any gas leaks
  • Checking the flue for smoke spillage
  • Ensuring that each gas appliance is safe when in use
  • Inspecting all pipework and hoses for wear and corrosion
  • Servicing smoke alarms and other safety devices

We combine our gas safety check with your annual habitation check, which is by far the safest, and most convenient option. Contact us today on 01744 808586 to find out how little it could all cost!

What is tested during a Habitation Service?

  • Electrical Systems (charging system / battery condition / lighting operating / RCD / electric step / 230v sockets / 12v sockets)
  • Gas Systems (hose age & condition / checked for gas leaks / gas appliances)
  • Ventilation (roof lights / other ventilation checked)
  • Water Systems (water pumps / waste water system / toilet operation)
  • Fire / Safety (smoke / carbon monoxide alarms tested / fire extinguisher / Fire blanket)
  • Bodywork (all locks & catches, doors & windows / addons such as TV systems, air con, bicycle racks, ladders etc. / delamination
  • Fixtures & Fittings / blinds & flyscreens)
  • Damp Test (damp test carried out, checking for water ingress)

The above are listed items are checked/inspected. Call us for more information and servicing cost. Book Now online or call the team today 01744 808586

Do you have a problem with your Motorhome?

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We offer habitation checks on

  • Motorhomes
  • Campers
  • Caravans
  • American RV's
  • Self Builds
  • Caravans
  • Camping pods
  • Classic Campers

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