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If you are in the Merseyside area and looking to get the likes of wheels shot blasted or metal components shot blasted we can help. We have been involved in fabrication for over 10 years building bespoke trailers and catering trailers and vans for customers all over the North West. We have shot blasted the likes of motorbike frames, Digger rams, Car, Van & Truck Wheels and many other items with our shot blasting and bead blasting equipment. The FastFit Centre can offer you Metalworks in the Merseyside area carry out pre-treatment of metallic surfaces such as car body, underbody push bike frames, motorcycle & scooter frames. We have even known local customers to bring in metal furniture for us to shot blast for them.

Pre-treatment of metallic surfaces is done meticulously as it is the first step to powder coating.

  • With motorbike frames, if you are looking to have them powder coated It is essential to have your motorbike shot blasting blasted before being applied a powder coat. even if you are looking just to paint the motorbike frame after treatment, this is the most effective way to ensure a perfect finish by shot blasting your motorcycle frame.

  • We also offer underbody car and van shot blasting as well as underbody treatments such as welding and underbody protection, we have saved even the most rotten of chassis over the years keeping your classic cars on the road for many years to come.

Without a perfect pre-treatment with shot blasting, powder coating never stays for sufficient time even when painting a surface the correct pre-treatment will make the finish.a failure or a success if the correct pre-treatment is not done this would make the entire process pointless meaning expenses are wasted. As we are specialized powder coaters in Merseyside we are very particular about this pre-treatment process.

Proper shot blasting would ensure removal of rust, previous paint coatings, and mill scale and make the metal surface completely bare. Our process of powder coating is the best you will find, our equipment is all industrial standard ensuring the best results possible. We can offer shot blasting and resprays on any surface type of metal. Our durable Paint finishes we offer are often used in commercial environments as they are that strong and durable. By technical standards, metallic surface ratings have been fixed at SA 3, and SA 2.5 to be judged fit for powder coating. We stringently follow this standard or even exceed it on many of our shot blasting finishes. At the shot blasting & metalworking centre North West we offer only the very best results possible.

Ways in which we shot blast your metal

Shot blasting essentially involves the firing of minute particles under total control. This helps erode or etch away surface contamination that exists in the form of solids. Our expertise lies in the use of proper abrasives, shape and metallic nature of a particular item. we can carry out Sandblasting on surfaces such as wheels, motorbike frames and even entire body stripdowns and frameworks such as horsebox trailers and commercial vehicle trailers. We have also offered shot blasting to catering trailers and even undersides of vehicles such as cars and vans as well as motorhomes and caravans in preparation for underbody sealant.

We have the very best in equipment, Our shot blasting ensures the very best finish possible

Although we have the very best equipment possible to give you the very best finish we also focus on the abrasives used to perform the shot blasting. Our technicians know what the best way of bringing your metalwork back to standards are and what level of blasting is required. This is vital to get the desired finish to your metal work. We also use steel shot, copper shot, zinc shot, aluminium shot, cut wire, and grit are also used as abrasives in shot blasting as well as different grades of sand.

At The FastFit Centre Merseyside, we offer shot blasting as a pre-treatment service for powder coating. Not only that we can also offer you a respray service and finished paintwork service for all your metal work. We put special emphasis on this pre-treatment process as it is the underlining factor for a perfect powder-coating or paint job. As in all our services offered we never compromise on quality products used to ensure the best result for you. We are among the leading shot-blasting service providers in Merseyside.

Steel shot blasting available directly to you

Our shot blasting workshop located in Merseyside is equipped with dedicated staff as well as the very best equipment possible to ensure the very best results available.

We also offer fabrication as well as bead blasting, shot blasting and professionally painted surfaces. Our workshop specialises in steel shot blasting directly to the public, private and commercial environment.

Trailer hubs shot blasted 01744 808586

Our metalwork engineers can create superb finishes, we have welders that can fabricate many items for you from scratch as well as renovate many metal items such as motorbike frames and trailer chassis. No matter what size surface you need shot blasting we can help.

The FastFit Centre can perform professional cutting processes along with: * Milling * Turning * Drilling * Tapping * Grinding * Fine Filing * Welding.

Work we regularly carry out repairs and shot blasting to:

  • Steel Body Frames
  • Car Repairs Fabrication
  • Car Trailers Shot Blasted & Repaired
  • Underbody Shot Blasting
  • Classic Car Parts
  • Metal Polishing
  • Metal Construction
  • Steel Fabrication
  • Welding

Horsebox trailer framework shot blasted 01744 808586

Our North West Branch sees customers coming from far and wide from all over the North West including Merseyside, Liverpool, Manchester, Chester, Cheshire Northwich, Runcorn, and even Wirral area. That is because we offer an under one roof service.

So if you are looking for metal shot blasting in Merseyside you are in the best possible place. We offer a drop-off and pick up service as well as you also been able to drop off your metalworking needs directly with us:

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